After 35+ years as a nonprofit executive and sitting on the executive teams of three different community hospitals, I know a thing or two about not only managing the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit but working with high-powered boards and raising money for everything from small projects to major capital campaigns. Whether you're a start up or just need someone to review current operations, let me know if I can help.


   Are you missing out on grant funding? Then we should talk. I can develop a concept paper for you built on your core messaging. You can either use this yourself to draw from for individual grant applications or hire me to write the grant narratives.

core messaging workshop

   This 3-hour intensive is designed to help you transform and unify your messaging in order to reach a wider audience and attract new customers, clients, and/or donors.

   We could probably do the hard work for you, but then you wouldn’t own it. The workshop is designed for key leadership to participate on an organic level and land on the one thing that defines what difference you make to the world. In other words, why does your organization or company matter?

   This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you want everyone on the same page.

   The workshop fee includes a one-hour follow-up meeting to fill out a ‘strategic message map’ that will offer your team a broad range of potential taglines, hooks, headlines, and key messages. It also includes a Strategic Core Messaging Implementation Plan and check list to deploy the messaging in the most advantageous fashion. We also offer discounted pricing on ongoing support services if you are a workshop client.

Photo: Birthday Dreams Strategic Core Messaging Workshop

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other services

·         Conduct a communications audit

·         Develop a monthly/quarterly newsletter

·         Develop collateral materials

·         Provide a messaging toolkit

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storytelling workshop

   Marketing professionals have finally figured out that most readers and listeners respond to a story about what you do more than just a regurgitation of your key information.

   As someone who holds a Master’s Degree in theater (directing), has eight popular mystery novels on Amazon, and teaches storytelling for a local community college, I am steeped in the storytelling concept. 

   Our two-hour Master the Art of Storytelling Workshop will give you (and your staff) not only the tools to write engaging client and/or donor profiles, but the mindset to approach all of your writing differently.

   This workshop is designed for anyone within your organization who is tasked with individual writing projects.


public speaking

   With a Master's Degree in theater, I can provide robust speaker training designed to overcome personal fears, eliminate barriers, and sharpen your natural skills. Whether the presentation is scheduled in front of 400 people or just your boss, together we can take a mundane presentation and make it memorable and rewarding.

  I'm good at this. Let me help you.

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