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   Every writing project is different, making it difficult to quote standard fees. However, below are some average fees to give you a sense of what you might pay as you look for help.


   Hourly rate - $65 - $85 depending on the complexity of the project.

   Average Project Fees

  • Grantwriting $75/hr

  • Nonprofit Case Statement (up to 6 pages) $250

  • Create donor club concept - $175

  • Client/donor profiles – $100 - $250

  • Newsletter article – $125

  • Full newsletter (1 - 2 pages) between $300 – $500

  • Core messaging taglines - $100 - $150

  • Business letters - $150

  • Fundraising appeal - $225

  • Facebook or email posts - $100 - $175

  • Basic website – (5-7 pages) - $1,500

  • Proofreading/editing - $15/page/250 words

  • Revise grant appeal - $65/hr

   All writing projects include two drafts, revisions, final draft, and proofreading.

   Other projects and ongoing commitments will require a quote.

   Contact me, and we can review your needs.


I have conducted a number of workshops over the years, including board development, strategic planning, core messaging, and crafting your mission and vision. Every workshop is conducted a little differently, based on the needs and resources of the organization and who the workshop is intended for. We can work directly with organizational leadership through a group event, or we can work remotely with companies or organizations in other states.

Workshops include a follow-up meeting to finalize messaging and tools necessary to implement strategies.


No work will begin until we agree on the way forward. My goal is to make sure I am in sync with what you need and/or have in mind.

Feel free to email me with your questions.


Lynn Bohart, FAHP