You don't write about the horrors of war. No. You write about a kid's burnt socks lying in the road.
Richard Price

Lynn Bohart, FAHP
Founder and Principal

For many people, writing is a drudgery and a challenge. For me, it’s a bit of nirvana. You see, I am slightly obsessed with the creative process and all that it has to offer.


As a Fellow in the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), I spent 35+ years as a nonprofit executive, helping the disadvantaged lead better lives. I did a lot of writing during that time. And, it made me feel good to impact someone’s life in a positive way.


Now that I'm retired from my day job, I have dedicated myself to writing for nonprofits and businesses to help sharpen their messaging and grow their bottom-line. Why?

Because I know how difficult it is for a small business or nonprofit to find the necessary resources to dig deep into messaging. After all, they're usually too busy surviving.

I hope to remedy that.


My writing background is extensive. I come to it naturally with a Masters' Degree in theater. I write murder mysteries for fun and pleasure and have seven novels on Amazon.com (soon to be eight). Also, on Amazon, is a book I wrote for Vision House, a local nonprofit. It chronicles their 30-year history helping the homeless in our community.


I teach writing through Green River College and have written for Patch.com as well as monthly articles for the Renton Reporter. I am now working on a comic book (yes, you heard me right) for KingConNW and serve on the organizing committee of the Seattle Film Summit, writing some of their promotional copy.


All in all, I love to write. And, I’d love to write for you. Let’s work together and help change the world!


Please give me a call at (253) 326-9387, or email me at Lildog67@icloud.com.