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"If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.” ~ Isaac Asimov


And How We Can Help

    Sometimes, it takes a fresh eye, a fresh perspective, to help you reach new audiences or re-enlist old ones. We can help you do that.

    Our goal is to help you 'speak your soul' and to find ways in which potential donors, volunteers, or customers will be inspired to not only learn about you but engage with you.

   How do we do that?

   By finding out what it is that motivates you. In other words, getting to the core of your why. Why is it important to find housing for the homeless? Why is the widget you make better than all the rest? Why do you teach low-income students to play the violin?

   It's the why of what you do that will attract others to your flame. Yep. Just like a moth.

   So, we work with you to dig deep and to articulate the emotion behind your cause, your talent, or your product. Because that's what motivates people to act.

   Then, we can begin crafting a messaging strategy, revising existing copy, and helping you to be all that you hope to be.

   Visit our Services page to find out in particular what we can do for you.




   Our mission is to find the essence of what you do and turn that into extraordinary messaging that will help you to achieve great things.

   What we value:

  • Building partnerships with our clients

  • Making your goal our goal

  • Exceeding your expectations

  • Finding new ways to get to yes

  • Using a positive, collaborative approach to get results

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