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Effective copywriting is a skill. It's designed to help you achieve specific goals, whether that's to clarify your brand, gain more sales, raise more money, recruit more volunteers, or make an impact with a keynote speech. 

   When I work for you, your goals will create the road map for everything we do together. Whether your goal is to educate, motivate, inspire, or engage, the focus will be on your priorities. That might be to:

  •  Bring donor or client stories to life.

  •  Elevate your organization’s name recognition.

  •  Build credibility among critical audiences.

  •  Draw volunteers or major donors to you.

  •  Train employees or board members to act as spokespersons.

  •  Profile yourself or your staff in a positive, personal light.

  •  Develop a unique organizational personality.

   A CEO once told me, "Language controls the culture." Advertising, marketing, and politics prove that to be true. Over and over, language is used to influence our thoughts and choices. So, if you don't effectively manage your communications, you're not only missing an opportunity, you could be pushing people away.

   Contact me, and together we can explore the range of possibilities unique to your company or organization and work to make your dreams come true. 

Lynn Bohart, FAHP

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